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21 October 2008 @ 10:12 pm
 you change for two reasons;
either you learn enough that you want to
or you’ve been hurt enough
that you have to.

...here's to CHANGING BACK to the old me :)
21 October 2008 @ 12:18 am
 I only do this because I'm having fun.
The day I stop having fun, I'll just walk away.
22 September 2008 @ 01:03 am
She's never been one to wait around;
She's always moving and dancing.
But for some reason with that boy
She's oh so patient, she'll wait.
She'll wait for no one and nothing
Except for him and only him.

Ana Raymundo, you finally understand what all these mean!
unless you don't remember? :|
06 September 2008 @ 12:01 am

Everytime i try to think of another guy, i always end up thinking of you all over again.
04 September 2008 @ 10:43 pm
even 10 years and 20 boys later;
i'm still going to have a thing for you.
29 August 2008 @ 10:31 pm
I hate how we never got our chance to see what we could've been. I hate how I know I'm not over you and how I pretend to be. I hate how you've totally moved on and you have no idea that I haven't. I would do anything to rewind-back to a exactly year ago, when it was all just starting, when it was all just so hopeful and promising.

I like to pretend that everything in my world is completely fine. Because if everyone else thinks that you're fine, sometimes you forget for a while that you're not. I keep telling myself everyday that i'm my own person, that i complete me. so i get up everyday, suck it up, study hard and work out and diet enough to lose weight, encourage people, give advice and just try to have some superficial fun. Thinking that if i accomplish all these and i'll be fine and that everything will be okay. and really, despite what i really feel it doesn't matter, because it's how i get by. and its working...for now.

this too shall pass....maybe, maybe not for a long time, maybe never?
26 August 2008 @ 10:04 pm
Whenever everything falls into place, feels just how it should, and it's all up to my expectations, there always feels like there's something missing. But I can never put my finger to it. I've got a lot of wonderful things in my life, yet, it just feels so incomplete. And then I realize, it's you. You're not with me.
18 August 2008 @ 03:35 pm
We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go,
we take a little bit of each other everywhere.

i'll miss you bea and anj! and nica...i miss you already!!:) keep writing in your blog because they make me feel connected to you despite the distance between us :)

awesome weekend. good friends, good times :)
<3You're gonna miss this.
You're gonna want this back.
You're gonna wish these days
hadn't gone by so fast.
These are some good times..
So, take a good look around.
You may not know it now,
but you're gonna miss this.
- You’re Gonna Miss This- Trace Adkins

I was looking at 1 even 2 year old albums in multiply and wow. i'm so amazed at how different we all look...and how different we all are. Okay fine I'll confess! I was looking for blackmail totoy pictures of paolo cause the whole time campaigning today we were all teasing each other. and i wanted pictures this time hahaha! but anyway, yeah. back to my point. (debater attributes wtf) even looking at pictures only months ago, i was so surprised with how much has changed even in a span of only months...how people who were super close barely talk to each other now..or stay with different crowds. I guess its part of human nature (i really have to stop these debate-related statements!:|). What scares me is that friends from high school will drift apart sooner or later. I hope not. I really really dread that possibility. what comforted me last night was talking to ana for hours on ym last night. she hasn't changed a bit :)) and that really comforted me because i miss the company and the friends that highschool gave me. :( In la salle, i'm seen as an ultra bitch because i constantly have to prove myself to my block/proffesors/etc and as to not allow myself to be taken for granted..i think some blockmates secretly wanna hit me na but when i tell ana stories about those she would tell me "good job!" I miss being in a place where i can be myself, talk the way i naturally talk, and not have to worry about being judged. :|

omg. i'm part of the global societies quiz bee on august 1. =)) geek much??? pray for me. i haven't even started studying!
and you know you wanna vote for santugon ;) hahahah! next week, vote derecho =D

i miss you guys. you all know who you guys are ;)
20 July 2008 @ 03:22 pm
  1. Getting 100/100 in my Global Societies Longtest! Originally i got a 90 (3.0) but I got a +10=100/100 (4.0) for attending Saturday Classes! woohoo!! and to think i was even thinking about skipping it. Academically, I'm doing okay. very satisfied =D
  2. Hanging out with Bella a lot this week. I think I hung out with her the most since we both went to college. She's friends with my blockmates and I'm friends with her blockmates too..even our blockmates are friends :)) so its so much easier to hang out and we have somewhat similar breaks everyday :)
  3. DARK NIGHT Premiere! Best movie ever. I wantched the premiere last thursday night with Bella and her brother Nick. It was so awesome and intense that Bella felt like crying but she ahd eyeliner on so she didn't =)) i'm not kidding xD
  4. Seeing Forensic Guild :) i visited AC last friday for tryouts part deux and Dani their new trainer was there! she's so nice, she's good and she's committed to training AC. I'm so excited for the team this year! :) and hanging out with kyla till disturbia at night is definitely part of my list :)
  5. Steve Aoki/Uffie/Across the Universe Soundtripping :)
  6. Chocolates. need i say more?
  1. Not seeing Stef at all this week. :( her schedule is so different from mine and Bella's :(
  2. Missing my friends and not seeing them this weekend :( that goes for you ateneopeeps/benildepeeps/bea etc
  3. Feeling old in Disturbia. I don't remember being that wild when i was in 1st/2nd year high school. the boys were so totoy and the girls were wearing leather boots and whatthehell outfits. I'm really over open parties. hahaha but on the brightside i got to hang with sina kyla, ina, leo, javi, etc.
  4. Missing Campaign Officer's training THE WHOLE WEEK :| I'm so sorry if i'm such a bad campaign officer Erin! :( was just too busy and sick :|
  5. Bea=26 days :( I'm dreading August 15
  6. Not having a car yesterday night to go out. Leo you suck for not telling Bea I wasn't gonna make it na last night. just kidding.
I'll go now cause i'm talking to nica and i have to study. :|
If you study in La Salle and you're part of the College of Liberal Arts/if you just wanna support, then VOTE DERECHO, VOTE SANTUGON :) [Campaign Week starts tomorrow, i'm excited =D]